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Sunday Times Style Sunday Times Style Sunday Times Style
"A very fit looking girl called Sheina appeared on the doorstep... Sheina set up a treatment bed and put out lots of pretty candles on banana leaves... Rupes had booked not just a manicure but a whole Urban Detox Facial session. There was even a heated blanket to relax his back muscles."
Vogue Vogue Vogue
"There are all sorts of other things one can supposedly do to a bottom to smooth away the cellulite and lift it a couple of millimeters like deep-tissue massage which I had administered in my home by a nice lady called Sheina."
Tatler Magazine Tatler Magazine Tatler Magazine June 2003
"Sheina Allan comes to my house and turns my bathroom into a spa. Surrounded by lilies, candles and towels, I am massaged to reduce water retention and diminish cellulite, then basted with volcanic mud and cocooned in cling film. It is all very pampering"
Red Red Red Magazine March 2004
"I have a wax every two months... a manicure every week... I'll also have other treatments when I need them – for example a pedicure or a massage."
Living Well Magazine Living Well Magazine Living Well Magazine
"Massage has been used for centuries to help people cope with the stresses and strains of life. As Sheina explains, one of the biggest benefits is that massage helps the body detoxify, which might be just what you need after a hard party session... Sheina recommends having a massage every week and even suggests combining it with some reflexology to really put some fire into your sluggish system."
Telegraph Telegraph The Telegraph Magazine
"For men the basis is, if you play on stress, if you say it's for their stress levels, that's the excuse,' Sheina says as she unfolds a portable heated bed in my kitchen. ‘They happen to look good afterwards, but the fact that it's relaxing, that's what keeps it manly.' It's nice to know that even the most self-regarding executive has to suspend disbelief before he submits to this level of indulgence."
Spa Magazine
"'We've used Vichy showers in Europe for years and years,' says Sheina, light-haired lass from Scotland. 'The warm water relaxes the muscles, and the oils and water together help hydrate'."
Party Party Party Magazine
"But becoming more generally popular as a theme are beauty parties, where men and women alike can enjoy some unashamed pampering – perhaps a manicure, massage, facial, or any kind of hair or beauty treatment."
Tatler Magazine Tatler Magazine Tatler Magazine May 2003
"Photo 'Therapist Sheina Allan'."
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