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"Sheina started on the facial. First, chamomile cleanser, then pore extraction, then a cherry astringent with fruit acids and vitamin C - which turned Rupes bright orange of a while. He was obviously blessed out - no male-identity problems at all, just a big grin. After that there came a wonderful lemon grass and ginger oil massaged into his neck, and a lymphatic drainage facial massage with carrot-seed protective serum for dry skin. I was so, so worried. I just don't want Rupert in on all of this spoiling stuff - I don't want him to know how nice it is. He was especially pleased to hear that the lymphatic drainage bit would help with puffy eyes, dark shadows and sinus problems, and he asked if she could teach me, so I could do it for him later. God!"

THE SUNDAY TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE - Vanessa Wilde's Secret Diary

Sheina will arrive at your home, hotel or work and set up a portable heated massage table, and provide fresh cotton sheets and towels, as well as candles, mats, products and tools. All equipment is easily transported to your door, and you can just relax and enjoy the treatment once it is swiftly set up.

Enjoy having a selection of treatments performed by the same therapist during one allotted time. Whether you require a waxing necessity in the privacy of you on home, or a deep cleansing facial and brow shape that conveniently does not require leaving your home.

Most of the Spa Treatment offered can be done before or after Massage to form individual Treatment Combinations

Mud Wrap
Self - Tan Application
Eyebrow Shape
Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint

"And I am made to lie shirtless on my back on a heated bed and endure a seaweed mask, followed by a chamomile facial scrub and a carrot seed oil massage aimed at encouraging lymphatic drainage. After the scrub another facial mask is applied. 'It's an environmental mask which has got fruit enzymes in it' Sheina says. 'It's got lots of vitamin C in it, which is absorbed by you skin and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.' While it sets she gives me a back and neck massage.

I allow myself to drift off into a kind of trance, only dimly aware that a manicure is being performed on my left hand. Eventually I arrive at a peaceful place where extreme pampering seems like a natural reward for a man..."

THE TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE - Male Order - Tim Dowling

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